1967 Cobra

Eddie Barrett - Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Rare 1966 VW Pickup!

Eddie Barrett - Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We are proud to be able to work on this rare groovin’ joy ride, 1966 Volkswagen (VW) Single Cab Pickup truck. Shortly after Volkswagen developed the microbus and panel van there was a high demand for pickup trucks, so this is where the VW Single cab pickup truck came. This was and still is a one of a kind pickup truck. The front windshield was a split windshield just like the microbus. The single cab has a single bench seat for the driver and 2 passengers up front with a large pick up bed. The height of the engine’s upright fan shroud was much larger than normal, which allowed the floor of the bed to sit higher then most pick up trucks in this era. To make good use of the space beneath, VW offered optional “tool box” aka (“treasure box”) compartments with locking doors, which made good use for tools and more. The most unique feature on this pick up was the three sides of bed, which were hinged, so that the sides of the bed could be unlatched and folded down to make it easier to load things onto the bed, without having to lift them over the bed. No other pickup trucks offer this unique design.






Our New Body Shop!

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

We just got our new body shop! Painted and ready to move all of our cars there! Only 1 minute away from our shop. Cant get better than that! Can't wait to finish up moving our body guys in :)



Custom Interior on Sema prop car

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Ever see a real life sized hot wheels car? Well neither have we, until our customer brought us his now-ionic Twin Mill prop car to do a full custom interior, stereo system, and to check out his mechanical problems. We had one week to make a bad ass custom interior for his car.  Our customer Tommy has spent three years in counting on his prop car. He had created some of the most memorable of Hot Wheels cars, including; Torero, Turbofire and the now-ionic Twin Mill that he wanted us to work on. He had reproduced the Twin Mill as a full-scale replica of the toy Hot Wheels car, by building it on a stretched 1967 Chevrolet Corvette chassis. He had said that each engine provides 575 horsepower on pump fuel or as much as 1,000 horsepower when running on nitrous. Our upholstery team spent day and night making this car perfect. We had many steps to do before we could make the interior. Including; fiber glassing the seats, taking measurement by measurement of the floor, seats, hood, and much more. We had made a fully custom hand made interior out of cheetah print,  white vinyl diamond pleat stitching, as well as shag for the floor mats.  Nobody has ever had heard of finishing a full custom interior in five days. But we did it! And the outcome looks great! All you need is a committed team and a lot of Dunkin Donuts coffee to pull of a bad ass interior like we did.


Help Wanted

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Come be a part of the team. Auto Moto LLC is a high quality low paced shop. We encourage a calm steady highly detailed work environment. You will work with highly skilled highly motivated team of technicians, on high end vehicles.

We are looking for the best of the best. If you have the following qualifications you need to apply now.

High passion for cars and motorcycles of all kinds.

Hard Working / Trust Worthy / Dependable / Able to Handle constructive criticism /  Able and willing to re do work until its perfect, no matter how many times it takes , Must work neat , clean and organized / Must be a team player

Our shop is a great fit for a self employed or previously self employed individual who knows the ins and outs of business and has come to the conclusion they would rather be left alone to work and perfect their craft.Ours are flexible and work environment is clean neat and organized.

Working at Auto Moto LLC will honor and improve your reputation in the industry.

Positions available:

Metal Fabricator   /One who will master their craft so our body technicians will not have to work with pour quailty.

Body Technician   / A finisher with a high level of detail. Someone who can bring the job to completion and perfection.

                               Must be able to see the difference between show quality and concourse

Mechanic              / highly skilled tuner to work with high end high performance vehicles

Auto Upholstery    / Must be able and willing to sew, pattern, and shape.

Auto Interior         / Custom interior technician able to work with Audio , Video, electrical wiring and willing to learn panel

                            making and interior parts building

Composite technician / Work with fiberglass, carbon fiber production as well as mold making and tooling.


Compensation is based off experience and knowledgeable.


Please call


or email 

Look at this 59 Fleetside Custom Interior!

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Hey guys, Check out this awesome  59 Fleet side!  A few years ago we had worked on this truck to make a new custom interior that would "WOW" anybody that saw it! It still looks brand new. We love when our customers come back and show us how nice it still looks. Check out these picture below of it.



Look at this 1932 Ford!

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Look at this 32 Ford. Fully custom look, the black paint makes this car look meaner. Leather interior. You dont see these cars around a lot, but when you do they stand out!

Check out this 1939 Ford Coast!

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Check out this 1939 Ford Coast to Coast Hot Rod. It came to us as a near completion project that needed the detail work to be done. Ie interior , top , body alignment. The customer wanted everything new and customized, inside and out. There was a lot of fabrication and body work to be done, even the fiberglass top was close to 3/4" off and had to be re fabricated, fiberglass was added as well as finish work to make the top look and fit like it was a "brand new" factory item. A lot of long pain staking hours, "roughly 150" and we finally finished the custom work. We also made all new custom seats, carpets, and door panels, so it would look like a brand new car interior. A lot of time and effort later we finally finished the hot rod. The customer was very impressed with the outcome and loved the way it looked. As with all of our customers we build great relationships and he frequents are shop with new projects on other vehicles. . We love when out customers come back to visit us with their customized vehicles. In the photos below you will be able to see how nice the interior and exterior look!  

Check out these door panels on the 33 Plymouth

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

For the last 20 years we have been shaving all the chrome and extras off the Hot Rod Interior upholstery. Seeing as this Plymouth had some traditional lines we felt adding some shine would set it off and WOW it really did. Dan did such a great job with the extra details. Hope the customer agrees it is worth it. The most difficult part with what we do is the simpler it looks the more work it is. The hours are definitely in the details. Hand beveled edges on the aluminum and hand polished for perfection. I am sure he will win some trophies with this ride. 

Keeping current with new blog style site.

Eddie Barrett - Friday, February 19, 2016

Hello and thanks for checking out our website. In effort to provide better updates on current work and completed work we are in the process of reformatting our website to a blog style format. I know i know I know, We all hate change and love simplicity. Once you take the time to navigate through our website you will see its as easy as click and view. Since the old website had so much info and we are currently extremely busy , please be patient while we update this new website.  We promise to show you some fun, exciting and just some Bad Ass rides.